Trail Skate Park Logo Contest

The Trail Skate Park committee is seeking submissions for a logo that will be used to brand and represent the Trail all-wheel Skate Park. For increased likelihood of success in your submission, read the guidelines below for logo design.

Eligibility. Entries are welcome from individuals 19-years of age and younger who are residents of Trail or who attend schools in the Trail area: Crowe Secondary, Glenmerry Elementary, Webster Elementary, St. Michael's or KCLC Trail Middle School.

Submission Guidelines. Submissions must contain your logo submission, your full name, mailing address and phone number; an e-mail address is optional. Submissions may be made to Principal's offices at local schools (see Eligibility above), the YCDC office in downtown Trail, or submitted in electronic format (JPG) by e-mail to...

Deadline. The deadline for submissions is 3:00 pm, 30-Jan-2013.

Prizes. The contest winner will have his/her logo prominently displayed at the website and will receive an iPod Touch. Top logo submissions will also be displayed at the website.

Judging and Selection of a Winner. Members of the Trail Skate Park fundraising committee will judge the contest.

Intellectual Property, Terms and Conditions. All submitted work must be original and not based on any pre-existing design. All entries will become the sole property of the Trail Skate Park Committee jointly with the City of Trail. Submissions may be altered as necessary and may be displayed publicly on websites and elsewhere.

Guidelines for Logo Design

  1. The log must be scaleable. This means it should be simple and able to be size-reduced to an easily recognizable computer icon or button.
  2. The logo must be unique.
  3. The logo should be able to be displayed in one colour, for example, black (or other) on white background. This does not mean that a logo with more than one colour could not be a contest winner.
  4. The logo should be easily recognizeable.
  5. The logo should represent an "all-wheel" aspect of the park: skateboards, scooters, bikes, in-line skating and even wheel chair riding.
  6. The logo could be representative of Trail.


Win an iPod Touch

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