Trail Skate Park Fundraising Committee Meeting
25-July-2012, Scott's Place, 7.00-8.30 pm
Attendees: Ashey Escott, River-Morgan Jones, Mike Kent & Scott Daniels

A meeting agenda was circulated prior to this meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to identify tasks and assign them with due dates. It was agreed that the work done by everyone would be sent by e-mail to others for review by the due dates set at this meeting.

1. List of Sponsors. Assemble a list of targeted sponsors (Mike). Due by 10-August.

2. Sponsor Recognition Plan. Draft a sponsor recognition plan that may include items like: website recognition levels (diamond >$200k, platinum >$100k, gold >$50k, silver >$25k, bronze >$10k, Supporter >$1k, friend >$50) park features named after major sponsors,...). (Ashley) Due by 6-August.

3. Sponsor Presentation Plan. Prepare a presentation plan and materials for meetings with potential sponsors. The meeting presentation should be not more than 10 minutes. (Scott) Due by 15-August.

4. Community Volunteers. Assemble a list of names and contact details for youth who are willing to volunteer at community events: Music in the Park @Gyro, Rotary Kettle Corn events, ... (Ashley & River) Due by 6-August.

5. LeRoy Foundation Opportunities. Follow-up with LeRoy Foundation to determine whether they can be of assistance with grant applications. (Scott) Due by 15-September.

6. Community Skate Demonstrations. Assemble a list of dates and venues -possibly only a few -where public demonstrations will enhance a positive image for the construction of a skate park in Trail. (Ashley & River). Due by 6-August.

7. T-shirt Sales. In Gerald's absence, this was assigned to him. Scott already had 50 shirts printed at a cost of $10 each. Ashley took 14 shirts with him for sale to volunteers. Scott was asked to promote the t-shirts at the website.

8. Facebook. Get a Facebook site up and running to help promote the Trail Skate Park. (River) Due by 6-August. -done.

9. Logo Contest. Get the existing materials updated and ready-to-go at the website (Scott). Some discussion ensued regarding whether it was necessary to wait until youth were back in school from the summer. With some hesitation, it was agreed that making the contest information available early may have some benefits. Publicity of this would not begin until September. Logo submissions must be able to be made in a number of ways: submission by e-mail, post-mail, dropped off at City Hall or at School main offices. River & Mike would collect submissions dropped off at schools. The due date would be 19-October. For the time being, prizes would be a skateboard deck (first), t-shirt (second) and hat (third). First prise would of course have the honour of their logo (with possible minor revisions) used as a part of publicity regarding the Trail Skate Park. Ashley would investigate an option for secure on-line voting.

10. City Staffer. Expand the scope of this committee to include publicity. (Scott) Due by 15-August.

Next meeting: Tuesday 4-September, 7 pm @Scott's, 36 Hazlewood Dr.